As a former teacher, I know the difference between someone who has read a book and someone who has absorbed their learning. Gilly always assesses a person before starting any treatment.


Mrs K. Jones

I had been told by the doctor that the pain I was suffering from was caused by a frozen shoulder for which there was no treatment. After an hour of treatment by Gilly on the affected shoulder I was completely pain free and regained full movement in my shoulder.


Mrs J. Taylor


Mr D. Carter

In March 2003 after discussing my ailments with Mr. Bharath he recommended that I have a few sessions with him to see if he could eliminate some of my aches and pains. After the initial treatment I felt considerably better and was able to have a relatively pain free night’s sleep for the first time in six years.


Mr J. Potts

After about three sessions I started to feel so much better and four months later I am totally pain free for the first time in 25 years.

After experiencing back pain for 3 months due to a long international flight, I was persuaded to visit Gilly by my husband. After only a few days the pain was completely gone.


Mrs S. Taylor

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